Blogger vs WordPress: Which Blogging Platform To Choose?

We can’t get enough of these comparison posts, and we hope the same holds true for you. Today, we have blogger vs. WordPress in the ring. Which platform do you think will take the trophy? Let’s ring the bell and may the best contender win! We shall begin by saying both platforms offer you adequate features to build a website without breaking a sweat. And while it is great to learn some coding languages, you needn’t have programming skills to use either WordPress or blogger. Aside: Just to give you a heads up, we compared WordPress vs. Weebly and WordPress vs. Squarespace recently, so read those articles in your leisure time and let us know what you think. In today’s post, we compare blogger vs. WordPress. We take a closer look at the magical stuff that defines each platform. By the end of this post, you will have all the deets you need to pick the best platform for your specific needs. Before we dive in, we urge you to keep in mind that we are comparing self-hosted WordPress ( and not with the Blogger web publishing service Google offers. Now, let’s sally forth and find out what Blogger and WordPress offer as far as creating a website you’re proud of goes. Blogger vs. WordPress Basic Overview We have a pressing feeling we would impress you if we, first of all, spoke a bit about these two platforms before we take the fight to the costing, design, features and support departments. Let’s begin with Blogger since the letter B comes before W in the alphabet. Blogger: The Story Blogger was born on 23rd August 1999 as a blog publishing service at Pyra Labs, which search engine giant, Google, acquired in 2003. Since then, Blogger has grown by leaps and…
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