How to Add Custom WordPress Fonts the Correct Way

Your choice of font is critical to your website’s design. You may think no one cares which font you use – as long as it’s not Comic Sans – but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Fonts can impact usability, readability, and style. Plus, using the same default WordPress fonts as everyone else impacts your ability to stand out. Learning how to change fonts in WordPress is easy. The platform can use any font you want as long as you set it up the right way. Once you pick the perfect typeface and set it up, you’ll be surprised at how different your content looks and how easy it is on the eyes. In this article, we’re going to talk a bit more about why you should consider using custom fonts in WordPress. Then we’ll teach you three ways to add new fonts to your website. Let’s get to work! Why You Should Consider Using Custom Fonts in WordPress There are thousands of free fonts you can find online and chances are one of them will go perfectly with your design. In most cases, WordPress websites default to using ‘web-safe’ fonts to avoid any issues. These are typefaces most systems include by default. This way, you can ensure your website’s content looks much the same regardless of which operating system or browser your visitors use. However, it’s also easy enough to set custom WordPress fonts, which are compatible with most browsers and setups. Here’s why it makes sense to use custom WordPress fonts over more traditional options: To make your site stand out. Using custom fonts for your headings and subheadings can make a strong impression if the typefaces you choose are unique. What’s more, using a unique custom font or two can separate your site from the rest…
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