How to Start a Travel Blog For Free (And Make Money With It!)

Do you often find yourself daydreaming about quitting your day job, journeying to exotic lands, and earning money by writing about your adventures? With a well-written and properly monetized travel blog, you can bring this dream to life. If you’ve been bitten by the travel bug, setting up a free WordPress travel blog is a great place to get started. By complementing your site with a reliable hosting provider, an inspiring theme, and a unique angle, you’ll be much closer to achieving your dream and making money from it. And it’s really simple, you just need to follow these 10 steps to start a travel blog: Choose your niche and blog name. Select a quality hosting provider. Register your domain name and install WordPress. Learn the basics of WordPress. Choose a free WordPress travel blog theme. Set up your travel blog website. Download some essential plugins. Write your first post (and pay attention to reader feedback). Create a blogging schedule (and stick to it). Monetize your WordPress travel blog. We’ll also provide some invaluable monetization tips for making your wanderlust lucrative. Let’s get trekking! What to Keep in Mind Before Starting a Travel Blog Typically, people decide to start a travel blog because they want to chronicle their adventures and share them with the world. Some are also interesting in making money while doing their adventuring. This is usually done by incorporating affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, product advertising, and other monetization strategies within the blog. If you’re serious about learning how to start a travel blog, the first thing to note is that it takes hard work and commitment. Sadly, it’s not a case of spending your days relaxing on far-flung beaches, tapping out a few words between piña coladas. If you’re looking to monetize your travel blog, and even…
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