Hey there!

I’m Freddy Muriuki, literary ninjutsu and SEO/WordPress blogger living in Nairobi, Kenya.

Welcome to my portfolio website. 

I am all about creating exceptional web content that increases leads, conversions, and revenue on your website.

With over seven years of experience chopping words for clients of your caliber, I’ve mastered web content enough to know what ticks and what doesn’t.

This portfolio is focused entirely on you. In other words, I use it as a vehicle to reach out to you, so that – together – we can increase conversions on your website.

Areas of interest include:

Vista Media Enterprises is not about me but about you and what I can do for you.

What Next?

You can hire me to add value to your online business with my content marketing, SEO, blogging and WordPress knowledge or get in touch just to say hi. I’m also regularly sharing web content tips on Facebook and Twitter, so follow me. Like. Right. Now.

I love my daughter, le wifey, black coffee, WordPress, ecommerce, content marketing, SEO, technology, web design, reading, movies (Dj Afro), Arsenal (yeah, that team) and chess.

I totally loathe bullshitter clients who pay peanuts but still expect me to write like a god. I’m human too, so be kind, and I will repay the favor.

When I’m kicking back, you’ll catch me with a Whiskey – I don’t know why, but it must have something to do with the 40.0 % Vol label. Music is life.

Still reading?

What the hell are you waiting for? Ready to take your online business to the next level? I can’t wait to hear from you