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Look at the picture to the left. What do you see?

– A key
– ‘Words’
– A keyboard in the background but that’s not important.

Even without trying, I just got you to analyze this rather mundane photo.

That is what great web content should do; direct your readers to do exactly what you want.

Look at the picture again. If you apply some slight imagination, you can make up the term ‘keywords’.

Yet, the term wasn’t thrown into your face. It just sat there, feeling all natural and part of the picture.

But the alt attribute attached to the backside of this picture has already notified search engines that this particular picture has everything to do with website content and keyword usage – SEO.

Yes, great web content must have proper SEO but remain natural to the human eye. Your readers must never tell that you’re trying too hard with your SEO. And you shouldn’t because you now have me.

Here is a short story:

Once upon a time, long after the internet became commonplace, a fair lady by the name online marketing was born. It was great news to all online businesses  – large and small –  who, ever since, have done everything in their power to net at least one extra sale.

From glossy ads that eat away your bandwidth to enticing affiliate programs and artificially intelligent Pay-Per-Click campaigns, they have done it all, or at least most of it.

However, only a few fathom the real value of quality web content as an effective albeit silent marketer…

The End. 

Moral lesson: Are you one among the few or are you still bogging down some poor fellow’s network with some insane ad circus?

The majority of online entrepreneurs get cozy in the maligned belief that marketing ends when prospects visit your website. Nothing is further from the truth.

To realize real results with your content marketing campaign, you need to:

  1. Get prospects to your website
  2. Keep the prospects engaged long enough to buy (the most important part)

Great web content will do both chores for you.

Pulling prospects to your website is great, but that alone won’t improve your conversion rates. You need great web content to rally up your cause and get prospects buying. And buying in huge numbers!

Without captivating content that takes your audience by the leash and leads them wherever you want, your website will be the Dodo that became extinct long before the internet was born. And online marketing, or her younger version; content marketing, won’t look your way.

Sure, a few prospects might buy, but if you are like any other normal person out there, you need plentiful of sales!

Boring and old fluff that fails to initiate a connection will only lead to higher bounce rates and a bone-dry bank account.

Generic content that is about ten percent original will send your prospects away and get you in trouble with the likes of Google.

So, how do you ensure that over eighty percent of your prospects click-through to your product page, and actually buy?


  1. Invent highly targeted content that is relevant to your audience(s).
  2. Adopt a Uniqueness & Originality Policy that squeezes the life out of plagiarism.
  3. Manually write high-quality web content that has all the markings of superior writing.
  4. Stay on top of your schedule so as to catch every bit of action and current happenings in your industry.
  5. Invest in an insanely expensive SEO Course and take your chances with Google.
  6. Create engaging content that is not in the least ‘salesy’.


  1. You could hire a professional web content writer and sleep better at night.

Do you lack the time, experience or skills to create amazing web content that will improve your conversion rates?

Talk to me today and bid goodbye to low-quality content that means only one thing; low conversion rates!

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