Top 8 Latest SEO Techniques and Trends [Infographic]

So I went trolling the internet as usual, guns-blazing and hunting ideas for my next blog post. For that, I summoned the unrivaled sniffing powers of my favorite search engine, our good old friend, Google.

After a small incentive in the form of a targeted SEO keyword, Google spiders rubbed their genie bottle and, poof – I landed on MyTasker. I found this amazing SEO infographic by Arpita Kundu:

SEO techniques and trends on vistamedia

Courtesy of MyTasker.

It is quite some work if you ask me, but good work no doubt. The guys over at MyTasker are serious about what they do, but so are we right here at Vista Media Enterprises.

It is my hope that this infographic shone some light on your SEO campaign. If you need help tying up loose ends with your SEO or web content, please do hesitate contacting us.

See you around.

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